Coton de Tulear

About the Breed


Extremely healthy and intelligent dog breed, Coton de Tulear comes from the Madagascar, where they used to live with wealthy Aristocratic families. Their character is extremely playful, obedient, friendly and resourceful, making it one of the most suitable family dogs. Time and time again they surprise you with their intelligence and empathy. They feel the needs and feelings of their owners and adapt – they are known to dance on their rear paws to get masters in a good mood. Cotons are commonly called “anti-stress dogs”. They love to run free in the wild, go for walks or lay in the shade under a tree. Their behaviour depends on their owners as they are always ready for longer walks or relaxing. Cotons are incredibly good with people (especially children) and other animals (including cats), so they are suitable for both city and the countryside. Their hair is white, soft and light, clean and odourless. Because it does not shred Cotons are also ideal for allergy sufferers, as they operate anti-allergenic.



One of the main characteristics of the breed Coton de Tulear is their unique character. They are very happy, loving, gentle, warm-hearted, affectionate and very intelligent. They are stable, very sociable and polite; both with people and other animals. They easily adapt to different lifestyles and are very attached to people. After a hard day at work, you will be greeted at home by your happy Coton who is ready for new adventures.


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Even though Cotons have long hair they require very little care. Weekly combing is recommended to remove the fallen hair coat. It is best to bath Cotons once a month with canine shampoo. We usually don’t cut Cotons hair.

Main Characteristics:


  • Cotton-like odourless coat
  • Coat does not shred
  • Extreme intelligence
  • Kindness and grace
  • Anti-Stress
  • Anti-Allergen
  • Rear paws dancing
  • Flexibility in habitat and lifestyle
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Very suitable for learning and agility