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Play time

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We are expecting puppies in March 2016

Please contact us for more information (


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Playful Puppies

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Coton Missy Is Learning New Tricks

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Playing with our Cottons

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Genetic testing shown our Sunny is negative for CRM2 and BNAt

The results of genetic tests for CRM2 and BNAt for our Sunny are back!

We are happy to inform you our Sunny is negative for both CRM2 and BNAt and is not a carrier of any of the two.

Genetic testing is just one of the reasons our puppies are healthy, happy and of the highest quality – we put special care into socialising, flawless living environment with a big lawn for running and playing, and feed our puppies with the highest quality food.

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Cute Coton de Tulears

Pure Cuteness!!

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Boy from our first litter

Boy was one of three puppies from our first litter. His new owners contacted us with some photos and lovely words about Boy – “Boy is wonderful and we love him above all!!” and “Cotons are very nice and really, really our best friends. They are so cuddly!!”

Boy now:




Boy as a puppie:

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  • 521946_270477469700334_1791019069_n
  • 543025_270477049700376_1577682216_n
  • 546333_270476969700384_455985227_n
  • 546920_270477426367005_365054118_n
  • 557091_270477096367038_121540757_n
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